The scope of activities of Shamot-2000 Ltd. is construction works - all types of general construction and construction and repair works, brickwork and insulation, including:

Refractory brickwork - construction of new and repair of metallurgical furnaces, glass furnaces, boiler installations and other equipment;

Preparation and repair of acid proof masonry and insulation of metallurgical and chemical equipment;

Chemical protection by rubber insulation - repanol and acid proof rubber;

Heat insulation of metallurgical and boiler equipment, steam and heat lines, using modern and ecologically friendly materials and technologies;

Corrosion proof coating, protection, insulation and preparation for metal control;



Shamot-2000 is the successor of Furnace Construction and Insulations, Plovdiv and has participated directly in the construction and repair of the basic industrial projects and equipment of:



  CUMERIO MED AD, Prirdop, KCM SA, Plovdiv, OCZ, Kardjaly, the electric power station of Bobov Dol, Sofia, Traicho Kostov, Lyulin, Central Heating Station of Plovdiv, the paper factory of the town of Stamboliisky, Stomana Industry, Pernik, the Glass Plant of Druzhba, Plovdiv, the Sugar Works of Crystal, Plovdiv, Rodina AD, Plovdiv, Silcate Ceram AD, Plovdiv, Trakiya Papir, Pazardjik, Tin Combinate in Pazardjik, Alkohol Factory in the village of Katunitsa, Bogdan Mebel, Klisura, Meat Processing Works, Karlovo, Askona AD, Assenovgrad, Military Plants, Sopot, Greenhouses in the villages of Parvomai and Yagodovo, Assenova Krepost, Assenovgrad, INSA, town of Rakovski, etc.

During the years of its existence the company Shamot-2000 has completed a great number of construction and repair works, heat and waterproof works on roofs, inside and outside plastering, tinsmith', painting and many other works.